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November 14, 2011

Presents Get (more) Personal

By : , Senior Copywriter, Creative

It seems the department store push for QR code integration has continued. You may remember last year when Macy’s launched Backstage Pass. Supported by in-store “how-to-scan” posters, Backstage Pass codes let shoppers view fashion tips, designer interviews and other video content based on the store’s holiday wares. Fast forward to the 2011 shopping season. Department store giant JCPenney believes ‘tis the season to try their hand at QR code integration. Supported by the “Who’s your Santa?” advertising campaign, “Santa Tags” decked with QR Codes will allow gift buyers to record personal voice messages up to one minute long.
October 17, 2011

sHOp sHOp sHOp

By : , Managing Director, VP, AMP NYC

With the holidays quickly approach, AMP recently conducted a Mobile Shopping Survey to get a pulse on consumers' likelihood to use their mobile devices for holiday shopping and to better understand key motivators for mobile shopping adoption. The statistics "rang" loud and clear. Consumers are using their mobile devices to shop and even more are planning on making a purchase this holiday season. Is your mobile strategy ready for the holiday shopping rush?
January 7, 2011

What’s New In Social Media This Week…

By : , Coordinator, Public Relations

Let’s see what’s new in social media this week… Facebook now allows business’ to unmerge their page with Facebook Places, the number of Facebook friends you have may be linked to the size of your amygdalae, and the first Groupon marriage proposal has resulted in a “YES!”. Click through for article links and to reach more!
December 22, 2010

Taking Stock: Ode to the Client

By : , Group Account Director,

Gift giving is also something that spans different relationships. Something happened during this holiday shopping season – I found myself excited to be picking out what I hoped were personal and thoughtful gifts for my clients. I truly wanted them to be pleased. And not in the – ‘I hope they think I am so funny and clever so they see my marketing value way’. I mean I wanted to give them something they LIKE – outside of how it reflects on me. What happened?!?!
December 9, 2010

Happy Couponing

By : , Intern, Account Management and Media

As lights go up and holiday parties grow near, I enjoy getting into the holiday spirit. One thing that happens this time every year is that my inbox starts filling up…not only with warm holiday wishes from friends and family, but also with greetings from some of my favorite retailers. Subject lines such as “10 best gifts for under $100”, “Deck the Halls with 25% off + free shipping,” and “12 Deals of Christmas” are like little presents delivered straight to my inbox. However, these deals also make me slightly anxious as I consider how to take advantage of each of the offers. I think to myself,” will I get a deal like this after the holidays? Should I use this coupon? Should I wait for an even better deal?”
December 5, 2010

A Festivus for the rest of us!

By : , Manager, Account Management

“Secret Snowman,” “Season’s Greetings,” “The Holidays.” People go to great lengths today to ensure they are referring to anything related to this most wonderful time of the year in a politically correct way. There is now almost a sense of censorship and uneasiness associated with speaking about the holidays. I personally find myself very aware when mentioning anything holiday related. I sometimes find myself even thinking back to past holiday conversations, hoping to not have offended anyone. The thing is, as careful as I try to be, I usually slip up anyhow, accidentally referring to the Christmas party that I need to make Santa shaped cookies for. Usually, it seems the one who is mortified is me, rather than anyone around me. This got me thinking, is this anguish self-imposed?
December 1, 2010

Wanna FaceTime? Why I love my iPhone 4!

By : , Digital Account Manager, Account Management

Drum roll please….I got the iPhone 4! This is only going to be relevant if you read my previous post on Oct 26th where I was debating between my next major purchase: the iPhone 4 or the Droid X. Less than a week after that blog post, I met someone who had the iPhone 4. I fell hard for its sleek, sexy look and the quality of the HD videos. I felt like my little 3G was inferior and was also completely fed up with having to constantly charge it for it to last through one day. The next day I went to the Apple store in Shadyside, Pittsburgh, PA with a determined look in my eyes. When I walked in I said to the nearest employee, so tell me why this phone is better than the 3G. She didn’t know I had just written a blog about why it was better.
November 23, 2010

A “Mission Critical” Holiday Gift

By : , Manager, Account Management

Over the last four weeks my travel schedule has been as follows: Boston - Ireland - Boston - New York City - Boston - Puerto Rico - Boston - St. Louis - Boston - St. Louis - Boston - Chicago - Boston Give or take, that amounts to about 35 airborne hours over the past month. Now, depending on who you ask, this could sound like a nightmare, but to some (myself included) its not so bad.

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