• Where Can’t we Take Tech?

    We are no longer confined to desks, keyboards, and screens to access the digital world. Now, we can enter the online realm via our wrists, using our voices, and even with our facial cues. With all of these new digital portals, how will our socialization adapt?

  • Interact With Rich Media Right In Your Facebook Timeline

    Facebook is constantly making changes, whether you like it or not. There's one change few have noticed that creates a huge opportunity to increase engagement with rich media on Facebook. First let's look at the way it used to be. You develop some rich media, let's say a game, that you want to drive traffic… Read more »

  • This Is Not About Marketing

    Being a Bostonian and living through last week’s events has made me reflect on a lot.Throughout this experience, our city has shown an un-surmounted pride that reigned strong throughout the airwaves, digital or not. But, what’s got me is that this ‘always on’ movement of social, content and communities is bigger than any of us can even imagine – and it came to light last week.

  • A #Winning Move: Facebook Adopts the Hashtag

    When Facebook announced they were jumping on the hashtag bandwagon, we weren’t surprised. With this move, Facebook joins the ranks of other social media behemoths in a mission to better understand the desires and engagement habits of its community members.

  • Insights Lab Weekly Round Up: Old School Edition

    Let’s face it. At AMP, we LOVE the Internet. And, we want to share our geeky, awesome, internet/techy finds with you on a weekly basis. In this week’s edition of the Insights Lab Weekly Round Up, we’ll venture down memory lane—taking a look at the old school social platforms that paved the way for nascent networks… Read more »

  • Holding Down a Piece of Time: Currency in the Digital Age

    In the early 1980s, budding NYC photographers captured the graffiti art spray-painted onto subway cars that traversed the city. They’d wait to set up shots. Pull emergency levers to stop trains, buying time with their cameras and the fresh paint. It didn’t matter that these “photographers” were just kids or that the graffiti they worked… Read more »

  • Should Our Privacy Really Be in the Bargain Bin?

    Privacy is a fundamental human right. That said, the definition of privacy is not simple— especially in the context of the explosion of data being generated online every minute of every day. For those of us who prefer numerical evidence, Facebook users share 684,478 pieces of content, Google receives over 2,000,000 search queries and email… Read more »

  • “It’s Complicated” with Retailers’ Social Media

    Online retail is at an all time high, with e-commerce sales increasing 17% since last year. It is clear we are experiencing a shift in consumer behavior at an accelerated rate. Retailers must be prepared to connect with their customers on all fronts – online, on social media, and in store – or lose them to the competition.