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August 23, 2012

Apple Patent Suggests User-Relevant Ad Serving

By : , Manager, Strategic Marketing Group

Recently, Engadget uncovered a very interesting entry from the US Patent and Trademark Office from Apple that would allow “systems and methods [to seamlessly switch] media playback between a media broadcast…and media from a local media library.
February 3, 2012

And Now, An Argument: Pre-Releasing Super Bowl Ads

By : , Managers, Strategic Marketing Group

One trend that has been picking up steam as of late is the strategy of releasing these marquee spots AHEAD of the big game and seeding them online prior. Is this a good strategy? As in most cases, there’s no simple right or wrong answer but an argument to be made for either side. Today, Matt and Ellis defend each point.
January 23, 2012

Five Groundbreaking Apps from CES 2012

By : , Managers, Strategic Marketing Group

One of our favorite events from this year’s CES was the Mobile Apps Showdown. This event gave ten app developers four minutes to pitch their app concept to the audience and conduct a quick on-stage demo for the chance to win CES glory. Today, we take a quick look at five finalists that inspired our imaginations.
January 17, 2012

2012 CES: Key Themes

By : , Manager, Strategic Marketing Group

Following a week in Las Vegas to cover CES, here are four key themes that emerged from the avalanche of keynotes, panel discussions, presentations and exhibitor booths.
January 11, 2012

Early Impressions from CES

By : , Managers, Strategic Marketing Group

It’s definitely been a great start to CES. We primarily hit the conference track panels yesterday with some brief time on the exhibitor floor in between. Click through to hear our initial thoughts on key themes and (a lack of) “game-changing” products.
January 9, 2012

What we’re looking forward to at 2012 CES

By : , Managers, Strategic Marketing Group

This week a small cadre of AMP’s most tech-minded individuals (nerds) will be going to the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. And fortunately for all of you, what happens there will not stay there, but instead be blogged, live-tweeted, filmed, twit-pic’d, and recapped for your viewing pleasure.
April 20, 2011

So You Want An App?

By : , Manager, Strategic Marketing Group

On the business development front, we’ve noticed a handful of clients and prospects that have expressed interest in developing a downloadable application for their brands. Who can blame them? I personally get giddy every time I fire up the Urbanspoon app on my iPhone. "Where should I eat tonight?? The possibilities are ENDLESS!" And we’ve all killed an hour or 70 playing Angry Birds. But is this the right solution for your brand / product / service / Russian mob scam? Let’s examine a few questions that you should ask yourself to see if it makes sense.
March 4, 2011

What Marketers can Learn from Livin’ the Sheen

By : , Manager, Strategic Marketing Group

Please, stop me if you’re heard this one: “I am on a drug, and it’s called Charlie Sheen!” This is one of many seemingly-mad rants of Carlos Estevez (d.b.a. “Charlie Sheen”), who within the past week has launched a one-man cross-media assault (radio, TV, social, print) on pop culture. He hit one million followers on Twitter within about a day. Since January, Google searches for “Charlie Sheen” have increased tenfold. It’s safe to say these aren’t just Two and a Half Men fans, either. While these Busey-ian quotes may seem completely devoid of any logic, reasoning or mental stability, there are some marketing-relevant applications to them, if you listen closely. After the past week, we’ve uncovered the following five key lessons for marketers...
November 11, 2010

When Reality is Boring: Augment It!

By : , Managers, Strategic Marketing Group

By Matt Rainone, Manager, Strategic Marketing and Ellis Watts, Manager, Strategic Marketing It’s election time which means, among hours of black and white negative campaign ads, it’s time for CNN to go overboard with a new technology that adds little value to their reporting. In 2008, it was the Magic Wall that was amazingly spoofed on SNL. This year, their new toy was augmented reality.
November 9, 2010

Losing a Customer for Life After Death

By : , Manager, Strategic Marketing Group

Here at AMP, we talk at length about ways to drive brand awareness and advocacy but what about the other end of the marketing spectrum? What about those instances where a company has screwed up so epically, that it has actually caused a consumer to swear off the brand forever (and no, it's not a tobacco brand)?
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