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Boston Globe Media Website Overhaul
The Opportunity
As part of an internal transformation, with the goal of providing customers with superior service and advertising solutions, Boston Globe Media’s existing online presence needed to be overhauled to match the company’s realignment
Boston Globe customers are looking for an easy-to-navigate, one-stop, web solution for doing business with the Globe
Boston Globe Media (BGM) and AMP began the engagement with a comprehensive needs assessment and planning phase to identify solutions to BGM’s customer needs in order to streamline the customer process
The site overhaul streamlined and automated a number of tasks through the implementation of a modernized content management system which presented the most relevant content, tools and resources for all customer types (existing advertisers, new advertisers and internal BGM personnel) in a user-friendly format
The site, which provides visitors with an intuitive interface and tools to navigate BGM’s products, services, rates, and specifications more efficiently, plays a critical role in BGM’s new business strategy, and regular online updates to the site from the group’s marketing team have been streamlined as a result of the new content management system
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