Measurement & Analytics Services

Data is a popular buzzword right now, but data is just data, not a solution. It’s the interpretation and understanding of that data that’s empowering. And what’s more empowering is when you use data early and often, like we do.

We believe understanding “what happened?” isn’t enough. Our analytic solutions combine traditional performance analytics with cutting edge marketing sciences to understand “why that happened” and “what will happen.”

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  • Custom Measurement Projects
  • Custom Report & Dashboard Development
  • Descriptive Modeling
  • Measurement & Analytics Audit
  • Measurement & Analytics Strategy Development
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Test Design


Rich Grogan

Vice President, Measurement & Analytics

Samantha Dwyer

Senior Manager, Measurement & Analytics

Jarrod Charbonneau

Manager, Measurement & Analytics

Andrea Huang

Senior Analyst, Measurement & Analytics

Jennifer LaPlaca

Senior Analyst, Measurement & Analytics

Bryn Luttinger

Analyst, Measurement & Analytics

Tiffany Mei

Analyst, Measurement & Analytics

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