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Author archive: Greg Faucher

April 10, 2013

PR is Your Most Valuable Link Building Tool

By : , Account Supervisor, Search

A large component of effective SEO is to acquire links from authoritative sources that are relevant to your brand.
March 22, 2013

Your Blog is Boring

By : , Account Supervisor, Search

Blogs are often the worst offenders of boring and self serving content. With the right approach, a blog can be an easy way to generate fresh relevant content that is indexable by search engines. This post will share tips and tricks for making your blog the opposite of boring.
June 5, 2012

Local Search Just Got More Social with Google+ Local

By : , Account Supervisor, Search

With the change, Google is providing a more interactive and informative way to search for local restaurants, businesses, and venues- all while taking steps to make their own social network, Google+, more relevant and powerful. This could be a smart move for Google to drive up the user base of Google+, which still trails Facebook by roughly 800 million users. By integrating local capabilities into Google+ and feeding that information into popular Google Applications (i.e. Maps, Local Search Results, etc.), Google can expose and introduce users to Google+ as they search for local information. In addition, a new user-friendly layout has been implemented, along with the ability for users to see what local establishments their friends visited, liked, and reviewed.
October 25, 2011

Forget Google, Bing & Yahoo – It's Hammertime!

By : , Account Supervisor, Search

In a move as confusing as his 1994 foray into gangsta’ rap, Hammer (formerly MC Hammer) is launching his own search engine called WireDoo. After all, nothing is more “gangsta” than droppin’ fresh new algorithms across the current search engine landscape.
June 29, 2011

I Know You “Like” Me, But Can I Get a “+1”?

By : , Account Supervisor, Search

Getting a “+1” doesn’t only apply to guest lists anymore. Google recently launched its new social sharing button, which will compete against Bing’s recent partnership with Facebook and the “Like” button. While Facebook is one of the most popular sites on the Internet, Bing still doesn’t compare to Google in terms of search engine user percentage. With unsuccessful past social media experiments of their own, Google is using their new +1 button as a means of influencing their own search algorithm.
March 1, 2011

Putting Some Love into SEO

By : , Account Supervisor, Search

As someone who has spent the majority of my life around music, I recently wondered what it would be like if artists sacrificed their artistic integrity to make their songs more searchable within search engines. Call me a dork, but yes, this thought actually entered my brain and it intrigued me enough to write a blog about it. This idea would be terrible for musical integrity, but it would be great for sales and artist related search traffic. So I thought about what some of the more popular music related search terms might be, and the first thing that came to mind was “love song.”
February 1, 2011

Your Status Updates Are For Sale… and Mark Zuckerberg Might Be a Drug Dealer

By : , Account Supervisor, Search

In the movie “The Social Network,” Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg led us to believe that since Zuckerberg so desperately wanted to be considered cool himself, that he also wanted Facebook to be cool, so that he could be considered cool by association. For this reason, he was against selling advertising on Facebook, as he thought ads would cheapen the experience and make it uncool for potential users. Seven years and billions of dollars in value later, Facebook is the biggest website on the Internet and it has since allowed sponsored ads. Now that sponsored ads have been in our Facebook consciousness without mass Facebook upheaval, we will now see the beginning of sponsored stories.
August 17, 2010

Customer Service is as Important as Ever for Businesses….and Search Engine Marketing

By : , Account Supervisor, Search

From 1987-1997, the FOX television network aired "Married With Children," its most successful live-action sitcom to date. The show chronicled the miserable Al Bundy, a former high school football star turned women's shoe salesman. Ever since Al scored 4 touchdowns in a game for Polk High School, his life went steadily downhill. For Al, work was no relief from his miserable home life, as he would routinely make fun of his customers for his own personal enjoyment. Something tells me that if social networking and local search were around back then, there is no way Al would have been employed at the same shoe store for 11 years.
August 5, 2010

These SEO Results are Delicious

By : , Account Supervisor, Search

Not long ago I was at having an enlightening and topical discussion about Meat Loaf (the singer, not grandma's favorite dinner staple). As this riveting discussion was coming to a close, I was reminded of an article I read where someone recorded Meat Loaf giving SEO advice over the phone. This article was memorable for two reasons: 1. Meat Loaf was giving SEO advice over the phone. 2. The blurb about Meat Loaf appeared in TV Guide, and I don't think I've ever seen SEO mentioned in a mainstream media outlet.

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